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Catrice “Eve in Bloom” eyeshadow duo in “Bloomynous”

Hi guys!

I am addicted to limited editions, I love it when I have something of which I know only a few people have. These last few weeks I have gotten quite a bit of new stuff and one of the new things that I got is from Catrice’s limited edition called “Eve in bloom”. It’s just this really simple eyeshadow duo that has the name “Bloomynous”.

I like eyeshadow duo’s a lot because it’s easy for everyday.

The packaging of this eyeshadow duo is quite simple. The only thing that shows it’s from a limited edition is the flowers on the plastic. I don’t think it looks that special to be honest.

Swatches! I think the two colours look absolutely amazing together. The pigmentation is always either very good or very bad. I would say it could have been a lot better, I especially expect it to be when it’s a limited edition. However, the colours are buildable and they don’t crumble so there is (nearly) no fall out.

I do like the colours, I do like the idea but the pigmentation could have been better. Would I recommend it? Errrm well probably not, since there are so many other great Catrice eyeshadows to find!

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!

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Essence “Be loud” eyeshadow duo in “Like a stone in the wall”

Hi guys, how have you been doing?

I’ve been quite busy lately! Not only with school and in my personal life, but also with testing makeup! I recently got a few new items and I was so excited about them that I spent half a day trying, photographing and editing everything!

Today I will be showing you my newest eyeshadow duo by Essence. This one is from their limited edition called “Be Loud”, which seems to revolve around army prints/trends.

The colours of this eyeshadow is what makes me think of army a lot: a taupe/grey colour with a hint of green on the left and then a very nice olive green on the right. The last colour even reminds me of “Woodwinked” by MAC a little bit.

Believe it or not, I’ve been looking for great green eyeshadows for this fall, I think it’s going to be my favourite colour. I don’t know, I just got into this really green loving fase! (I already have a dark green look on the blog!)

The duo that I got is called “Like a stone in the wall”.

Swatches! I do think the pigmentation could have been a little bit better. Not that I’m disappointed though, you can always build it up! I do think the lightest colour might be a little bit too light for my skin, I noticed it barely showed up, I had to try quite a few times!

Are you ready to see the eye look?

The eyelook that I made with this is quite simple: light colour on the lid, dark colour in the crease, a little bit of highlighter, brown pencil liner on my upper lashline (I was testing that eyeliner for the blog as well but the quality is just so bad that I decided it’s not worth the effort. A shame really, I’ve been craving for a nice brown eyeliner)!

After that, I applied one coat of mascara. Nice, neutral and wearable!

I do think this is exactly the duo that I needed to create an amazing olive green look with. I love it! I paid €2.39 for this duo, that’s $3.29 and £2.04, which is actually really cheap!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Thanks for reading again today!

Have a lovely day!

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Essence individual fake lashes

False lashes. They can be a pleasure to wear but a nightmare to apply! The first time I ever tried it I was shaking because I was so stressed out after trying for so many times! I eventually gave up and promised myself to try it again later on. Since then I have probably only worn false lashes two times. Three times is the charm? We’ll see!

I’m not really a huge fan of fake lashes. I love how they look and I can instantly tell if others are wearing them but the problem is that sometimes I get it right immediately and sometimes I’m struggeling so much! I have never tried fake individual eyelashes before but when I saw these at the Essence counter, I was very interested!


The fake lashes are packed in a little white box, it has four lines of fake lashes in different sizes and a mini glue. I like to use a tweezer to apply my lashes with, they are for sure a lot tinier and harder to grab with your fingers! When I use these, I put on about three or four individual lashes. You could apply more, I’m just trying to keep it natural and I think three to four does the trick. I place one (the longest) on the outer corner of my eyes, two on the middle and one very short one in the beginning of my eye, close to my inner tear duct.

This is how long they are from the sides. If you look closely you can see that I am wearing false lashes (my lashes aren’t that long naturally) but I do think it still looks neutral.


I am quite happy with the result, I do for sure enjoy individual lashes more than the full ones. I also think they look really great and they would even be appropriate for on a daily basis. Above all that, they are very inexpensive as well! Love!


Thanks for reading! I hope you have an amazing day! Take care!

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Tutorial: Green smokey eyes!

Hi sweeties!
This fall I have been looking for a nice makeup look that I can wear every once in a while. Now that it’s fall I’ve concentrated on berry and green looks, but I can never seem to find looks that I like or that are wearable.

 Today, however, I made a smokey green eyeshadow photo tutorial for you. It isn’t as wearable as I wish it was, but it is for sure a pretty look! 

I decided to make a photo tutorial for you guys so you could recreated if you wanted to. I hope it’s clear enough, if not, I’m willing to make a talk through video tutorial. Anyways, here is the photo tutorial!


Products used:
* ELF 144 piece bright eyeshadow palette
* Essence liquid eyeliner
* Essence mascara
Thank you so much for reading!

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EOTD: How to cope with taupe!

Hi guys! Today I have another makeup look for you! This is for sure a great fall look!
In this look I used three colours: a slightly yellow toned colour, a soft beige and a taupe! Take a look!

I will quickly talk you through what I did:
The first eyeshadow that I applied was a very light, slightly yellow looking colour that I blended into my crease. This will help as a transition colour, it has no other purpose. You could work a bit messier than with a very dark colour.
The second eyeshadow is a light beige/skintone kind of colour that I applied over the other colour in the crease - again, you don’t have to be super careful with it.
Next I applied a taupe colour on the eyelid. The eyeshadow that I’m using can be used both wet and dry so I used it dry on my eyelid and then I wet it a little bit and applied the wet eyeshadow in the center of my eyelid.
Next I put a light skintoned colour (more to the white) underneath my browbone. I also put it in the inner tear duct.
After that I applied liquid eyeliner and mascara. Done!

Here’s a list of the products that I have used:
* Catrice Intensive Eye Wet&Dry eyeshadow in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.
* ELF 144 bright eyeshadow palette (for every other colour)
* Essence liquid ink eyeliner 
* Essence mascara

Thanks for reading!

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Essence stay with me lipgloss in “Kiss Kiss Kiss”

My lipgloss addiction/obsession is coming up again. Sometimes I’m more interested in lipsticks and other lipproducts, sometimes I’m really into mascara, eyeliner, sometimes I love eyeshadow. These last few weeks the products that I bought were most of the time lipstick and lipglosses.
I got this one for example; Essence “Stay with me” longlasting lipgloss. I already have two (want to see a review on that?) but I didn’t have this red one yet, and since it was on sale…

I don’t have very much lipglosses in a red kind of colour and since it’s my favourite colour to wear, I couldn’t leave this behind.
The brush is a little bit out of the ordinary, I never had one like this before so it’s quite difficult to try to apply the colour smoothly and flawless, but once you achieve the look, it’s to die for!

I am happy with this lipgloss, I think the colour is gorgeous and it’s especially beautiful over another bright red lipstick.
Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

Revlon “Kiss me coral” lipstick review

Hello everyone! Part twentythousand of my lipstick obsession! Today I present to you this lovely orange toned lipstick by Revlon called “Kiss me coral”. I know it’s a bit sad, but this is actually my first Revlon product. Ever.
Well, I guess there’s a first for everything, isn’t there?! 

I can’t even begin to explain why I love this lipstick so much, but I’ll try. Let’s start with packaging. I think, even though this lipstick isn’t really super expensive, that it does look very luxurious. Black and gold, it’s beautiful!

Ah, and the colour! It’s super pretty! I am quite into red, berry and orange lipsticks. I think I wouldn’t have bought it if it was any brighter but I though this was still acceptable.

This lipstick has a rather creamy texture which makes it easy to apply. It doesn’t survive a meal, though, I always touch up my lipstick after eating, even if it’s not really needed, but this one does need it a bit. Also, look how pigmented the lipstick is!

Doesn’t it look amazing!?

I am so excited about this product, I think I might add some more Revlon to my collection soon… You know what they say about first impressions, and this first impression couldn’t have been better!

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