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L’Oréal True Match foundation review

A couple of years ago, when I was still a rookie at make-up, I bought my first foundation in Amsterdam.
It was the L’Oréal True match foundation. Back then I didn’t know much about makeup, I thought every foundation had good coverage, but over the years I have tested a lot of foundations and I have learned that not all products on the market are good products.
Now, a couple of years later, the more experienced version of myself has returned to the L’Oréal counter to the True Match foundation again. I wanted to start using it again. Just because I have such good memories of it. Of course I don’t want to keep my experiences from you.
I think the packaging of this foundation is cute. It’s shiny with a lot of different fonts which makes it a little bit exciting. The only thing that you might perhaps have a problem is, is that the bottle is glass. I personally don’t have any problems with that. Oh, and this foundation also has a pump which is so handy!
The colour that I got is called “Rose Beige”. It’s the second to lightest colour in the collection. I think the lightest colour would suit me a little better but when I do use a light foundation people ask me if I’m sick all the time.

Above you can see what the foundation looks like when it’s just out of the bottle. It’s not too cakey but it’s also not too watery.
Below you can see what the foundation looks like after blending it out. The colour now looks like it suits me much more. It blends right in with my skintone and leaves no spots or dark areas. Right now 
I can’t show you what it does to acne because I don’t have any at the moment (thank God!). Even though the coverage is quite nice, I do continue to use concealer underneath my eyes. What can I say, I have really bad, dark circles.
If you’re interested, you can find this foundation in any drugstore! 
Thanks for reading!

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H&M Nudes eyeshadow palette

Last Wednesday I treated myself to a shopping spree. One of the first stores that I always go to is H&M. Normally, I can never find any makeup in there, but this time I spotted eyeshadow palettes! One for smokey eyes and one for nude eyes. I decided to take the little palette with me and see if it was something.

The “Nudes eyeshadow palette” by H&M comes in the cutest, lace printed packaging. It holds three colours that are perfect for an everyday, super simpel, quick and easy makeup look. There’s a matte white eyeshadow (browbone), a shimmery nude, skincoloured eyeshadow (lid) and a matte brown (crease).

Swatches! The pigmentation of the colours are actually pretty good. Especially light colours can be hard to work with but it looks alright, I’m pleasantly surprised. I paid €2.95 for this product, which makes it a “budget must have” (well, for me it is).

I would recommend to people who don’t wear makeup often or who are just looking for an everyday, budget makeup palette. Or if you’re a makeup addict like me, you could get it as well, haha! Have a lovely day! Keep safe!

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NYC Smooch proof lipstain

When the lipstains with felt tip first came out, I was a little bit suspicious. I mean, a lot of questions popped up. Would it really work? Isn’t it weird? Is it easy to use? I decided to try a felt tip lipstain. The one that I got is quite budget, it’s the “Smooch proof lipstain” by NYC. I tried the colour “Rock on Ruby”, which is a beautiful red.

The packaging of the lipstain is simple, yet beautiful. I put it in my pencil holder most of the time because I lose it if I don’t. I do mistake it for a pen sometimes, haha!

The swatch looked amazing, which got me so excited! The felt tip is also very handy to line your lip line. I always do the lip line first and then I fill in the rest of my lips. After a couple of seconds, the lipstain has dried and you’re left with beautiful red lips. No matter what you do, it won’t come off (so be careful if you’re trying to touch up in the car - if you colour some other part of your face, it won’t come off for a while), unless you use make-upremover.

I’m glad about that because I do have some other products that don’t even come off with make-upremover and it can be so annoying and painful! The lipstain looked gorgeous for 4 hours straight (I even ate and drank) but I have this obsession with constantly checking my lipstick - or lipstain in this case - and touching it up, so that’s what I did after 4 hours, just to intensify. Oh, and the smell is so nice! It reminds me of something in my childhood, although I can’t quite figger out what it is!  I’m very happy with this lipstain, I think it made a very good first impression and I’m open to trying more!

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The Body Shop lipbalm review

Hello everyone! Today I have a review om my lip balm by The Body Shop. I got it one week ago and I had never tried this before so I was very excited! 
Below, you can see what the packaging looks like. There’s a lot of product in it actually! I think this will last a while. I also love the packaging. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a lipbalm this cute.

The flavour of my lipbalm is passionberry. It smells and tastes amazing. The lipbalm is purple which is cool too, but luckely it doesn’t really show on your lips. That way you can still wear it and take good care of yourself, but your lips won’t look bright purple, so it’s still appropriate. This is what you see when you open up the jar, a jelly substance. Some people might not like this because you have to actually put your finger in the jar and apply the lipbalm with your fingers (unless you use a brush but nobody I know does that with lipbalm). I actually personally prefer this over the “lipbalm stick”.
If other people want to barrow it, they just wash their hands, apply the lipbalm, done. Whereas you can never really tell someone to wash their lips when they want to put chapstick on and so it’s less hygienic. Or at least that’s my opinion. This lipbalm was €2.50 if I remember correctly. I can’t wait to purchase and try more of these lipbalms! Have you tried lipbalms by The Body Shop? What’s your opinion? Thanks for reading!

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Introducing: Make-up challenge!

Hello everyone! Ever since using more colour this summer (and getting more coloured palettes), I decided that I wanted to wear brighter colours more often. However, now that it’s still the beginning of the year, I nearly wear brown colours everyday and I wanted to change that. So I challenged myself and I thought it would be really fun to make this a kind of series for the blog.

I challenged myself to pick a colour each week that I should create one or more looks with. One week I’ll choose blue for example and so I’ll have to find a way to incorporate blue into my makeup. I myself am really excited for this and I hope I’ll be able to do it every week, even on busy weeks. Just to show you what I mean, I uploaded a couple of pictures of brighter looks that I have created last year. It’s also inspiring at thesame time. Of course I’ll try not to make thesame looks as showed below!

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Introducing: A sneak peek inside my beauty closet ♥

When I was younger and just getting into makeup, I dreamed of having a big makeup collection like my mother used to have. I started of only getting a new product after finishing the first one, but soon the collection started to grow. Bigger, bigger, bigger. Today, I can’t say I have so much makeup that I need a seperate room for it, but I do have quite some items that I collected (and started loving) over the years.
I want to show you a category of my makeup (for example lipstick) every once in a while and then write about it and include some pictures. Maybe link them if I have already reviewed them.
I do have more than what’s in my collection today, I have a few shoeboxes full of makeup that I rarely use or that I’m just not crazy about. I won’t show those because only the ones that I have in my stash now are the ones that I think are worth keeping!

I can’t wait to share my makeup collection and my favourites with you! See you soon!

lolicious44 said: Omg where do you live??? Those are about $8 in the U.S. I have one and I do like it.

I live in Belgium :p it’s all too expensive here :) x

Yes. I did it. Enough of the doubting and stalling the purchase of this product. I’ve been wanting it for such a long time, I decided to go ahead and buy it for myself as a Christmas present!
I’m talking about the Maybelline Color Tattoo, in case you didn’t know I’ve been wanting it for a really long time.

As always, I stood there, not knowing which colour I wanted to pick first. I just wanted all of them! However, my brain said I should pick a colour that I would and could wear everyday. So I went for “Permanent Taupe”.

This is what the colour looks like. Perfect taupe. I think I’m in love! I have worn it on it’s own like an eyeshadow but I’ve also used it as a base for eyeshadow and it looks beautiful in both ways!
The texture is so incredibly creamy and pigmented. It’s a real pleasure to work with.
The swatches are, as you can see, beautifully pigmented!

I’m very happy with this Color Tattoo. It’s everything I wanted and more, I can for sure understand why other bloggers love it so much.
I paid €10, which is about $13.69. I thought it was a little much for a cream eyeshadow but the quality is good so I’m happy to pay the full price.

Thanks for reading!

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